Intranet Innovation

We’re very proud to work with Hansen Yuncken who have won the platinum global award for intranet innovation, for their great HYway system!


Configurable JavaScript mapping viewer

Very impressed with the esri JS template, great to have a template available, hope this takes off like the flex community and standardises the minefield that currently is esri JS widget development…


Here’s a small mapping website we worked on recently showing where the proposed tunnel between the M1 and the M2 motorways in Sydney is planned to go.. I’ve gotta warn, the bright green colour scheme is pretty loud.. not my choice.
The website uses the esri JavaScript API and some nice dojo features like the dojo tooltip to show the depth of the tunnel on mouse over.


Innovation and IT

So, what are the ingredients that make innovation work in the corporate world? Why is it that some teams consistently deliver innovative solutions, while others constantly bicker and never seem to deliver.

On a large scale, we can look at Google, Microsoft and Apple and all have our opinions on who is the most innovative. In many areas, Apple seem to be the most innovative, so what are the ingredients that deliver this innovation.

Is it ?:

  • A big research and development budget
  • Skilled developers and engineers

I believe that it’s a clear vision, strategy and a focus on people in your team. In many cases as IT professionals, we focus on the technical innovations, but often the innovations are in the adoption or deployment of technology.

SQL Server Reporting Services Tips

SQL Server Reporting Services is a great tool to bring together data and get a nice looking output. My favourite is to render directly to PDF using URL parameters as detailed on MSDN at:

In terms of layout, rectangles are your friend… they are great to group items such as text boxes and have properties such as start a new page before which come in very handy.

For the data itself, you can name an element such as a textbox and retrieve the value when you need it somewhere else using ReportItems(“Name of Text box”).Value. If it’s a number field, don’t forget to wrap it in a CDbl() statement. e.g. CDbl(ReportItems(“TotalSales”).Value).

Corporate Reporting using Google Earth

There are plenty of options using a ballon popup in Google Earth to get a nice formatted popup which can be used for corporate reporting. I’ve put in an example below which shows an example for a project site. This enables a quick summary of project health by location.

What would be nice is to have a link to a more detailed report which would launch in the users default browser, not in the built in webkit browser. I know this is possible by changing the Google Earth settings, however this to me isn’t a nice solution. Does anyone have some better ideas?

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